Criminal Lawyer looks into Dismissal of Murder for Hire Case

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

Our lawyers is looking into a recent dismissal of a murder-for-hire case. These types of cases are extremely uncommon and in this case they had multiple witnesses alleging totally different facts.

One witness testified that the defendant was an escort, paid someone to kill the wife of the man she loved. Another witness testified the husband hired two people to kill his wife so he wouldn’t lose his possessions in the divorce.

The attempted murder took place when the wife was coming home from Walmart and a car pulled out in front of her. The passenger of the vehicle got out and opened fire. The wife survived the shooting but had a bullet lodged in her arm.

The woman having the affair called the police a couple of years later and told them what she knew to have happened. She was later arrested for the situation and waited two years in custody before her trial. The Superior Court dismissed parts of the case for upon the motion of her lawyer, and then the jury found her not guilty.

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