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Criminal Lawyer gives update on Murder Charges

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Greensboro Criminal Attorney

A man was recently charged with murder as a result of punching another man. This all happened at a local tavern and two law enforcement officers were working security in an off-duty assignment at the time that it happened.

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The officers apparently were standing outside of the venue at the time the assault happened according to a Greensboro Criminal Attorney.

Onlookers from the event have provided some confidential information that this was an argument that turned into a fight.

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Some have said it was a self defense situation because the man that sadly lost his life was the aggressor. Others have claimed the opposite may have been true. The man was initially charged with assault inflicting serious bodily injury according to our personal injury attorney.

The man later died at the hospital as a result of his personal injuries and that’s when law enforcement charged the man with murder. It would appear to be a second degree murder case.

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His top rated attorney, argued at first appearance for a bond to be set for the man, and he was given a $200,000 bond.