Criminal Justice Attorney addresses recent Defense of Others Case

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Our criminal justice attorneys have seen a little bit of everything when it comes to criminal charges. This recent story of home break-in is pretty wild. At about 9 PM, a husband was home with his 8 months pregnant wife and their daughter.

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Two robbers broke into the house wearing hoods and masks. The had the gun on the husband and told him to give them everything he had and he advised he didn’t have anything.

Not liking the answers to their questions, they pistol whipped him with a gun and then kicked him in the head. His wife saw the robbers attacking him and she grabbed their AR-15.

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She opened fire on them and the robbers fled.

One of the suspects was found dead in a nearby ditch.

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The husband ended up suffering a fractured eye socket and sinus cavity. He received 20 stitches and 3 staples.

Our criminal lawyers are quite accustomed to self defense cases. We handle every type of criminal case, and if you need a Greensboro Criminal Lawyer, we’re here to help!