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Coronavirus Testing update from Greensboro Attorney

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It’s pretty bad when the White House is concerned about the state of your coronavirus testing, when the White House has advised that we’ve already defeated the virus. That’s exactly what happened yesterday when they said NC has fallen behind other states in testing for COVID-19. Our Greensboro attorney continues to monitor the situation, but it would appear that would need far more testing because the rate of hospitalizations in North Carolina is hitting a new peak almost every day.

Our Greensboro lawyer continues to focus in on the latest updates concerning testing and developments. It’s important that we as a state come together to make sure we are making the right moves not just for ourselves but for our community. Our law firm is dedicated to helping all people, but we also focus on being safe, keeping you healthy, and making sure we’re all taking precautions to protect one another. At Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, our Greensboro attorney is here to help you, call us today.