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Clerk Shot per Top Rated Greensboro Lawyer

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Top Rated Greensboro Lawyer

Two people were waiting to buy beer on East Green Dr. A store clerk was walking by and the men said they didn’t want to wait according to a top rated Greensboro lawyer. They offered to pay the clerk and when the clerk refused the men shot the clerk multiple times in the legs and groin.

The entire incident is caught on tape according to a lawyer in Greensboro. The suspects left in a White Jeep Cherokee. Our personal injury lawyer in Greensboro was advised that the clerk was rushed to Baptist Hospital and is in stable condition.

The men will face charges of possession of a firearm by a felon, assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill inflicting serious injury, robbery with a dangerous weapon, felony larceny and a host of other felony criminal charges according to a Greensboro criminal lawyer.

Our family law attorney in Greensboro sends up their thoughts and prayers for the clerk for a speedy recovery. Stay safe Greensboro!