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Civil Lawsuit filed against Mother in Child’s Death

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Attorneys in Greensboro NC

Escalators seem so convenient, who would want to stairs when you can just ride on them. However, a 3 year old recently lost his life after falling from an escalator according to our attorneys in Greensboro NC.

The family of the child filed a lawsuit against the city, the escalator company and now the child’s mother claiming negligence.

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The lawsuit alleges that by leaving the children to play on the escalator for an hour without supervision isn’t just negligent, it’s malicious per a personal injury attorney in Greensboro. Our Greensboro lawyer is looking into the nature of the incident.

The city and the escalator company both have denied any negligence on their parts.

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They’re included as part of the lawsuit because they said that there should have been a barrier between the escalator and the stairwell.

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Our top rated Greensboro attorney will continue to update you on this tragic case.