Children getting older during divorce; from a Greensboro Family Lawyer

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When your child is 6 to 8 Years and you’re getting divorced; from a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer

The developmental task for children in this age group is to achieve a sense of competence by bonding with peers, by learning to compete with peers, and by trusting that their parents will be there for them when needed. At this stage, they are working on friendships, learning interpersonal and academic skills, and developing morals.

When their parents divorce, they have a strong yearning for the absent parent and a strong interest in parental reconciliation. They have loyalty conflicts, because they know they are part of both parents; when their parents fight they feel torn inside. When one parent disrespects the other, they feel that half of who they are is negated or discounted. They sometimes become very concerned about their parents’ well-being and take care of a parent who is distraught or unhappy, even to the extent of denying their own needs.

These children do not want to be in the middle of their parent’s conflicts and do not want to carry messages from one parent to the other. To keep them our of the middle, contact a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer to keep in the middle. Consequently, the parents need to develop their communication protocols for separately parenting the child, without having the child carry any messages between parents.

The reaction to the divorce for children at this stage is deep sadness, which may be revealed in crying and withdrawal. Children fear that they may lose their relationship with one of the parents, and they fear a loss of order in their lives. They are also afraid of being deprived of important things in their lives, such as food and favorite possessions; in their minds, if they can lose a parent, they can certainly lose other important things as well. They may show more anger than they did previously, become more aggressive, and have difficulty playing and experiencing physical symptoms of stress such as headaches or being sick to the stomach.

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