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Child Neglect Charges per Greensboro Divorce Attorney

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Greensboro Divorce Attorney

A husband and wife are facing child neglect charges after leaving their 12 year old son in the house for five weeks alone per our Greensboro divorce attorney. The primary reason they were charged, however, had to do with fact that their child has cerebral palsy.  The family says they were keeping a close eye using cameras in the house.

The parents were arrested on June 11, 2020 and the boy has been taken into protective care. The parents have said that the child was violent and prone to outbursts and that’s why they vacated the home and left him by himself. Law enforcement has advised our Greensboro NC Divorce Attorney that they did their best to make it appear like someone was there living with him.

We fully understand that need of some parents when dealing with medically challenged children to call out for help, but this was a step that is uncalled for. A Greensboro attorney at our law firm was advised by a Foster Care group that this was just downright dangerous and they should have sought out help versus abandoning the child.