Child Custody Evaluations

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Many complex custody cases involve the assistance of a child custody evaluator, who will assess the best psychological interests of the child or children.  Evaluators can make recommendations on several aspects of a custody matter, including primary custody, visitation schedules, and counseling regimens for parents and children.  Depending on the specific situation, the evaluator can have an impact on the case in many ways.

The child custody evaluation includes interviewing the parties and their children, psychological testing, direct observations, document review, and review of collateral sources.  Generally, the findings are included in a written report. Qualified evaluators assess the factors of the family and each family member who impacts the psychological well-being of the child and other issues important to the Court.  Evaluators can recognize and recommend solutions to family issues such as parental alienation, community support, sibling relationships, and maintaining mental and physical health.

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