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Car Accident Lawyer Update: Weaver Academy

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Weaver Academy is one of the best high schools in the country. Apparently, people can’t wait to get in and they literally will drive their car straight into it. Our car accident lawyer reports that Weaver Academy has had 4 cars crash into it this year alone, which is absurd.

A lot of it has to do with the location of Weaver Academy. It’s downtown and at a dead end on Washington Street. You can only make a left turn at this interaction and our Greensboro car accident lawyer has been advised that late at night, people just can’t see that there’s a massive school in front of them.

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Let’s start with the events from this past week. The driver of an SUV failed to turn at the intersection and crashed into the building. Our car accident was told that the SUV actually kept on going across a hallway inside of the school and eventually stopped at a table inside of a classroom. The driver ran from the scene but was later found and arrested.

He has been charged with Driving While Impaired, failure to stop at a red light, hit & run and failure to maintain lane control.  The driver was 36-years-old and fortunately it appears no one suffered any personal injuries as a result of this car accident. Weaver Academy had to be shut down Thursday and Friday as engineers worked to repair the school per a car accident lawyer. The city is currently in the process of figuring out a way to make that intersection safer. One proposal is reflective signs, but if you can’t see a building will you see a sign?

Weaver Academy Crash

Families are distraught as sadly, this hits way too close to home. Fearful for the safety of their children and who wouldn’t be, they want the city to make changes and quickly. Again 4 cars have actually drove into the building or into campus since this summer.

On July 3, a person died when their car crashed into the building. On October 7, a juvenile apparently stole a car and later crashed into the building. Fortunately, no one was injured in this crash and the campus only had to be closed for a day. And then on October 20, 2021 a fourth car went down the hill at the school and crashed into a fence. The building wasn’t hit in this instance, but the car came awfully close.

Our top rated car accident lawyers will continue to keep you updated on the Weaver Academy traffic patterns, improvements and proposals.