Can Randolph Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain the Difference Between Disorderly Conduct and Public Disturbance?

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Can Randolph criminal defense lawyers explain the difference between disorderly conduct and public disturbance? Of course!

Understanding the difference between disorderly conduct and public disturbance can be difficult because disorderly conduct is a type of public disturbance.

Under North Carolina law, a public disturbance is “Any annoying, disturbing, or alarming act or condition exceeding the bounds of social toleration normal for the time and place in question which occurs in a public place or which occurs in, affects persons in, or is likely to affect persons in a place to which the public has access.” G.S. 14-288.1(a). This definition is rather broad because we all have different definitions of annoying, disturbing, or alarming.

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It is also hard to determine what the normal bounds of social toleration are. Speaking plainly, these things have many definitions. In terms of the law, they each have specific requirements.

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If you would like to inquire further into what it means to be a public disturbance, you should contact a Randolph criminal defense attorney today!

Disorderly conduct is intentionally caused by any person who: “(1) Engages in fighting or other violent conduct or in conduct creating the threat of imminent fighting or other violence; or (2) Makes or uses any utterance, gesture, display or abusive language which is intended and plainly likely to provoke violent retaliation and thereby cause a breach of the peace.” G.S. 14-288.4(a). Again, these definitions can seem vague without knowing the parameters of the law. If found guilty of this offense, you will be charged with a class two misdemeanor. Additionally, there are more ways in which you can commit disorderly conduct that are not listed above.

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If you have been charged with disorderly conduct, or if you would like to know more about it, you should consult a Randolph criminal defense attorney today! The criminal defense attorneys at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson know the requirements of the law, and genuinely care about each and every case presented by their clients. Call at 336-379-0539 today; we are here to help!