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Can Greensboro Family Law Attorneys Explain Guidelines for Traveling with Children Post-Divorce?

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Can Greensboro family law attorneys explain guidelines for traveling with children post-divorce?

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Of course!

It may not be summer anymore but with the end of the year approaching, many families still want to take vacations with their children. It is important to understand the guidelines involved with co-parenting children while traveling. It’s important for families post-divorce to still take vacations that involve traveling with their children. Oftentimes, when families create a concrete plan for how traveling with the children will work, it creates stability for the child’s life in terms of vacationing and bonding with each parent. For more information regarding traveling with children co-parenting, you should not hesitate to contact a Greensboro family law lawyer with any questions you may have!

Some of the most common questions presented in this situation are: Who can travel with the child?

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Can A significant other be included? Will the travel involve missing school days? How will the child communicate with the non-traveling parent? Most of these questions will be solved by creating a comprehensive parenting plan. This way, parenting times during holidays and vacations will be easy dealt with in advance. By creating one of these plans, many of the concerns of each parent will be addressed before an issue arises. The amount of detail put into each agreement varies, and oftentimes they are very different because each family is unique. A good starting point is to work around the child’s school schedule.

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If you have further questions about comprehensive parenting plans, you should contact a Greensboro family law attorney today!

One it’s time to travel, one of the most important things to each parent is making sure that both parents can remain in communication with the child. This may mean specifically deciding when the child will call the non-traveling parent. For example, they may decide that the child will call the parent upon the plane landing, or in the afternoons when the child is finished with their daytime adventures. For more information regarding traveling with children post-divorce, please call a Greensboro family law attorney today! The Law Offices of Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olsen can assist you with your family law needs! call at 336-379-0539 today; we are here to help!