Can Greensboro DWI Lawyers Help Your DWIs?

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Yes, Greensboro DWI Lawyers can help you with your DWIs!

Are you searching for a Greensboro DWI attorneys attorney who cares about the outcome of your case and has substantial experience with DWIs?

We’ve got you covered! Did you know that there are more than 170 people serving a sentence of two or more years for DWI charges in North Caroline state jails? Some of these sentences are due to “Laura’s Law”.

Laura’s Law derived in 2010 from a mother whose daughter was killed in a drunk driving accident caused by a driver that had a history with multiple DWIs. Laura’s Law ultimately creates a mandatory prison sentence of 12 to 36 months for repeat DWI offenders. The mandatory sentence this law creates calls for criminal defense attorneys that know how to handle a client’s case who has multiple DWI charges.

For those charged with a misdemeanor DWI, the lowest level of punishment is Level 5, which mostly consists of unsupervised probation. The highest level of punishment for a misdemeanor DWI is Aggravated Level 1, which is the sentence given when three or more grossly aggravating factors apply. All Level 1 and Aggravated Level 1 sentences have a mandatory requirement that the defendant serve a time of imprisonment to get special probation.

Special probation refers to an alternative to the mandatory term of 12 to 36 months that must be served for an Aggravated Level 1 DWI offense. This sentence can be suspended if special probation is applied, which requires the defendant to serve a term of imprisonment of 120 days. While on this probation, the defendant must not consume alcohol for the entire duration of the 120 days.

These different sentences are what criminal defense attorneys at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson can help you with.

Do not hesitate to have a defense attorney help you get the best outcome possible in your DWI case. The DWI attorneys at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson know the requirements of the law and also genuinely care about each and every case presented by their clients. Call Greensboro DWI attorneys today at 336-379-0539; we are here to help!