Can Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyers Help with Emergency Vehicle Traffic Violations?

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Can Greensboro criminal defense lawyers help with emergency vehicle traffic violations? Yes!

There are multiple ways that someone may receive a traffic violation when an emergency vehicle is involved. One of the most common ways that someone receives this violation is when they fail to move over and stop upon the approach of the emergency vehicle. This fine can end up being costly, and it is considered a Class 2 misdemeanor. If you have been charged with this violation, options and obligations.

You can receive this violation in other ways as well, though. For example, it is also unlawful to travel or park more than a block away from an emergency vehicle while in city limits. If you are not within city limits, you cannot be within 400 feet of the emergency vehicle, and if the emergency vehicle is rendering service you cannot park within 100 feet of the vehicle.

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Any of these actions are considered infractions and constitute a fine of $250. This law has also been expanded in a way that includes public service vehicles. Under this expansion, any service vehicle with amber colored flashing lights is included. So, if you see electric, cable, or maintenance vehicles of this description, you must move over or slow down.

A violation such as any listed above can constitute anywhere from a Class 2 misdemeanor to Class 1 misdemeanor.

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If there was a serious death or injury involved, it could constitutes a Class 1 felony and there may also be a year-long license suspension. There are exceptions to this rule, though. For example, it’s unnecessary to pull over if the emergency vehicle is traveling in the opposite direction and the planes are divided by a physical barrier. To learn about more exceptions that may help you in your traffic violation, you should not hesitate to contact a Greensboro criminal defense attorney. Call the Offices of Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olsen at 336-379-0539; we are here to help!

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