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Can Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain Offenses Made By A Prisoner?

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Can Greensboro criminal defense lawyers explain offenses made by a prisoner?

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History shows that the prison system has the potential to be dangerous and unwelcoming.

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This can be shown by the violence rates in prison. In fact, in the past year there have been several prison staff workers in North Carolina who were killed while they were on duty.

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Because of this, North Carolina policies for prisoners regarding criminal offenses made by them while in prison. If you or someone you know has had an incident involving criminal conduct while in prison, you should consult a Greensboro criminal defense attorney as soon as possible!

For example, malicious conduct by a prisoner is a felony offense which was broadened after these crimes occurred. This statute now includes any prisoner who throws, emits, or uses as a projectile, an unknown substance at an employee. G.S. 14-258.4(a). Additionally, this statute now includes any prisoner who knowingly and willfully exposes their genitalia to an employee while the employee is in performance of their duties. G.S. 14-258.4(b). Being convicted of one of these offenses can have major consequences on the time served for the prisoner. For example, if the prisoner is convicted of something under this statute, the sentence imposed on them for the conviction will not start until the current sentence they are in prison for ends. In addition to this, it could affect any credit that they have accused while in prison. For example, their credits could be forfeited, or they may become ineligible for future credits. If you are concerned about something involving criminal offenses made by a prisoner, you should not hesitate to contact a Greensboro criminal defense lawyer with any questions that you have!

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