Can Greensboro Criminal Defense Attorneys Explain What Should Be Included Within A Search Warrant?

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Can Greensboro criminal defense attorneys explain what should be included within a search warrant? Yes! To obtain a search warrant, one must have probable cause of the crime committed and it must be related to the area that they wish to search.

When applying for a search warrant, it’s imperative that specific facts are mentioned to search the correct area. If you are unsure of whether a search warrant was properly obtained in your case, you should contact a Greensboro criminal defense attorney to learn more about the requirements needed for a search warrant.

In a recent case brought to the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the defendant argued that the arresting officers did not have probable cause to search his house. In this specific case, the officer who applied for the search warrant made the mistake of not confirming that the residence they searched actually belonged to the defendant. The warrant application only included information that tied the defendant to the committed crime and to the cars to be searched.

It failed to state that the searched residence actually belonged to the defendant, mainly because the officers only arrested the defendant outside of the residence. Therefore, they left out the important fact that it was, indeed, his residence when they applied for the warrant. The Court ruled that there was only probable cause to search the cars because the application for the warrant failed to connect the defendant to the residence that was searched.

It’s important to hire a defense attorney because there could be a procedural error, such as an error in a warrant application, that could potentially change the entire outcome of your case. If you think there could have been a procedural error in your case, you should speak with a Greensboro criminal defense attorney today!

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