Can a Greensboro Traffic Ticket Lawyer Get a Ticket Dismissed?

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Can a Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer get a ticket dismissed? Absolutely, and save you as much court costs and fines!

Seatbelt tickets are handled by skilled traffic ticket lawyers every day. Traffic attorneys are always happy to discuss the details of seatbelt tickets, including the high costs that the State expects you to pay. Seatbelt tickets include costs of 2.

If a rear seat seatbelt ticket, the fine is , no court costs.

However, if you miss your court date, a $200 non-waivable fail to appear fee will be attached.

The good news is that no insurance or drivers license points are assessed. However, a dismissal will not only save you even more money, but maintain your clean driving record for employment purposes.

Even more important, if you are pulled over and subject and intrusive police search and seizure, you must know your rights when it comes to seatbelt ticket laws. Although a law enforcement officer can use a seatbelt violation to excuse a traffic stop, they cannot use a rear seat belt violation. Nor can it allow for, after the illegal stop, a legal search of the driver and the car’s occupants.

If you have been charged with a seatbelt violation, or any traffic or speeding ticket violation, please do not hesitate to consult with the Greensboro traffic ticket lawyers at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson. We are here to help, answer questions, and protect your driving record. Your ticket is the most important thing to us, and your call is appreciated and returned every day.