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Can a Greensboro Traffic Ticket Attorney Explain Why You Need A Greensboro Traffic Lawyer?

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Can a Greensboro traffic ticket attorney explain why you need a Greensboro traffic lawyer? Of course!

When you are charged with a traffic ticket in Greensboro, you face a threat to your ability to lawfully drive. Losing your license could cost you freedom, money, and the ability to support your household.

There are some tickets that you can “pay off.” But paying off a ticket is pleading guilty to the charge, as charged. You suffer the consequences of the conviction, and its impact on your license. Furthermore, by going to court and seeking a reduction, a prosecutor may reduce your charge to a lesser offense. However, there are numerous traffic tickets that a prosecutor will only reduce for attorneys. Therefore the most important reason to hire an attorney is to know that you got the best possible outcome.

Hiring an attorney assures you of the following:

  • Know you got the best possible outcome
  • Know you could or could not prevail at trial
  • Navigate the court system, take that stress off your shoulders
  • Appear for you so you do not lose a day of work or use an important vacation day
  • Protect your record for the future
  • Anticipate DMV revocations and potentially protect your license
  • Potential to receive a Prayer for judgment continued
  • Understand the consequences to you CDL license
  • Save future DMV fees
  • Differentiate between License Points and Insurance Points
  • Minimum fines
  • A Greensboro traffic ticket attorney knows the judges and prosecutors and can navigate around the dangers
  • Can you afford for things to go wrong or unexpected if the Judge decides to make an example of your case?
  • A Greensboro traffic lawyer will get better plea offers
  • Protect criminal record from misdemeanors – immigration, employment, schools, trade associations
  • Make sure LEO shows up
  • A Greensboro traffic attorney can protect you from potential probation or even jail

If you have been charged with a Greensboro speeding ticket, call the Greensboro speeding ticket lawyers at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson at 336-379-0539. We are here to help!