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Can a Greensboro Traffic Ticket Attorney Explain Improper Equipment Charges?

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Can a Greensboro traffic ticket attorney explain improper equipment charges? Of course!

A Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer knows the value of an improper equipment reduction for any type of traffic violation.  You may find yourself charged with a speeding violation, or running a stop sign, or even driving while license revoked or suspended.  But if there is an opportunity to seek a reduction to an improper equipment, commonly known as an I.E., then any knowledgeable Greensboro speeding ticket attorney will take that prospect.

An improper equipment (ask if your attorney is a Greensboro improper equipment lawyer) means that the conviction will not give. You insurance points or license points.  It does show up on your driving record, but that is used by district attorneys to determine if you are eligible for further improper equipment’s based on local policies (the State of North Carolina does not, but law, limit the number of IEs that you can receive).

There are limitations on this reduction however.  Local authorities each have their own local rules of course.  The State of North Carolina imposes certain restrictions on what Greensboro traffic attorneys may obtain for their clients as well.  For example, you cannot receive an improper equipment for any speed above twenty-five miles per hour.  Additionally, there are certain offenses that cannot be reduced to this lesser offense, including DWIs and Passing a Stopped School Bus.

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