Can a Greensboro Speeding Ticket Lawyer Help you Understand the Court Process?

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Can a Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer help you understand the court process? Yes!

Greensboro speeding tickets begin in one of two court rooms, courtroom 1A or courtroom 1B. Both courtrooms begin in the same large room; the actual courtrooms are smaller, and are behind the back doors of the larger congregation hall.

Speeding tickets and traffic tickets that are infractions, or lower speeds, usually begin in courtroom 1A. This is an administrative courtroom, usually with one assistant district attorney and one magistrate judge. There are no trials or hearings, only negotiations and guilty please.

Courtroom 1B is the home to higher speeds, more serious traffic matters, and all other criminal matters. This courtroom is designed to help a person determine what they wish to do about an attorney, either represent themselves, hire their own, or ask the court to appoint a public defender. No pleas or trials are heard, but rather cases are continued out to a trial courtroom, typically courtroom 1D for misdemeanor traffic maters, or 2C for felony traffic matters.

If you hire a Greensboro traffic attorney, then your Greensboro speeding ticket attorney can appear for you in court. Only the most serous of traffic matters, such as DWIs, DUIs, or some DWLRs, may require an appearance.

Greensboro traffic lawyer Chad Garrett recommends you always consult with an experienced traffic attorney. Never pay off a ticket – that means you are pleading guilty!

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