Can a Greensboro Speeding Ticket Lawyer Explain DMV Hearing Charges?

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Can a Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer explain DMV hearing charges? Yes!

The North Carolina DMV now charges for hearings. Greensboro speeding ticket lawyers are navigating the new fees charged for hearings, that use to be free, paid for by our citizens’ taxes.

If your license is revoked, a DMV hearing may be your only opportunity to continue to drive legally. Greensboro Driving While License Revoked Attorneys (Greensboro DWLR Attorneys) are skilled readers of driving records, and know how to clear your record and force the DMV to grant you a hearing. The expense of a hearing, however, is a new burden that cannot be waived.

Prior to applying for a hearing all outstanding fees, such as court costs and fines, must be paid in full.  There cannot be any outstanding, unresolved tickets in North Carolina or anywhere in country, as any traffic matters even outside of North Carolina may revoke your drivers license. So the first step, prior to requesting the hearing, is to make sure your record is clear.

Greensboro traffic attorneys know that your license may be revoked for high speed convictions, for moving violations, for DWIs, for DUIs, and for new DWLR convictions.

Some of the most common DMV hearing fees are:

Insurance Lapse – $60 Fee

Alcohol Restriction Violation, Refusals, Interlock Violation – $450 fee

Interlock Violation Based on Mouth Contamination – $75 fee

DWLR Restoration Hearing – $200 fee

CDL Disqualification – $200 fee

DWI Restoration Interview (to determine if eligible) – $225 fee

DWI Restoration Hearing – $425 fee.

The full listing is found at 19A NCAC 03K 0102, or contact one of the Greensboro traffic lawyers at Garrett Walker Aycoth and Olson at 336-379-0539. We are here to help, and we return every phone call, every day.

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