Can a Greensboro DWI Attorney Protect You If Driving Was Necessary? 

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Can a Greensboro DWI attorney (Greensboro DUI Attorney) protect you if driving was necessary?  Yes, necessity and duress are both defenses to DWI and DUI.

In North Carolina, under modern law, the defenses of Necessity and Duress are often indistinguishable from each other.

A defense to a charge of DWI of necessity or duress may result in the exoneration of the person charged.  For example, if an individual is in a bar, and someone starts shooting at them, they may be justified in driving away to escape the dangerous situation.

The standard of proof on such situations is NOT “beyond a reasonable doubt,” but a lesser burden, “to the jury’s satisfaction.”  Three elements must be proven:  1) reasonable action was taken; 2) to protect life and limb or health of a person (it can be applied to protecting another as well); and 3) there were no other acceptable choices available.  Credible evidence must be presented by the defendant on each element, and the threat must be imminent or present.

The driving should end reasonably as soon as enough distance and time has gone by and the danger has passed.

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