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Can a Greensboro DWI Attorney or Greensboro DUI Attorney Explain a Civil Revocation?

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Can a Greensboro DWI attorney or Greensboro DUI attorney explain a civil revocation? Yes they can!

A civil revocation is the taking of a drivers license after being charged with a DWI or DUI, and either refusing to take a breath or blood test (that measures your blood’s alcohol content). If you are charged with a DWI, this is the first thing a Greensboro DWI lawyer will discuss with you.

The most important thing you can do after being charged with a DWI is pay the $100 civil revocation fee.  If your blood alcohol level was a .08 or above, or you refused the breath or blood test, or, if under 21, registered any alcohol at all, then the State imposed a thirty day civil revocation on your license, meaning your ability to drive is revoked for thirty days.  If your license was not surrendered within five days of the ordered revocation, or was picked-up pursuant to a pick-up order, then the revocation lasts for 45 days. Even if you have never had a license, or your license was already suspended or revoked prior to being arrested for the impaired driving charge, your privilege to drive is suspended.

You will pay this money even if already revoked to get your license back someday

If you never pay it is always revoked for impaired

It is imperative that you do not drive during this time, as a charge of driving while license revoked for an impaired driving revocation is as dangerous as an DWI charge, and will have drastic consequences on your ability to fight or mitigate the DWI offense.

An experienced Greensboro DWI lawyer will walk you through these very important first steps, and happily answer all of our questions. Call us for guidance at Garrett Walker Aycoth and Olson at 336-379-0539 today!

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