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Can a Greensboro DWI Attorney Answer Common Questions About Assessments?

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Can a Greensboro DWI attorney answer questions about assessments?  Of course!

If you have been convicted of a DWI, you must get a DWI assessment and complete treatment at a specific facility, approved by the Department of Health and Human Services.  Call you Greensboro DUI lawyer for further questions, as this is an important and essential point!

The cost of assessments is an important first question.  At this time, an assessment is $100, that is set by statute. You will also have to pay for a DMV history at the initial consult.  The first meeting takes about and hour and a half of your time, so plan accordingly.  Your Greensboro DWI Lawyer will tell you to take a copy of your DWI citation, BAC report, and, if applicable, an out-of-state driving record with you.

Assessments, unfortunately, expire after 6 months.  That means the treatment must begin within six months, not be completed.  Otherwise you must get a new assessment.  Never forget that every DWI conviction requires an assessment and treatment, including Level 1s, 2s, Habitual DWIs, and even separate assessments and treatments for multiple DWI convictions during the same court session.  Most people are referred to ADETS (which is considered education), but refusals, BACs above .14, and most prior offenders receive actual treatment recommendations.

At the end, a 508 R form must be sent directly to the DMV from the treatment provider.  Neither a Judge, Clerk, nor your Greensboro DUI attorney or Greensboro DWI Lawyer can send that in to clear your license.

If you have been charged, call the Greensboro DUI lawyers at Garrett Walker Aycoth and Olson today at 336-379-0539, we are happy to help, answer questions, and discuss this process further!  If you need help getting your license back after a DWI this may be the first step, calling us!