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Buses Not Working Due to Theft per Lawyer

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Catalytic Converter thefts have been up throughout our country including in North Carolina. But the latest target for these theft is activity buses. Our Greensboro lawyer reports that the target of these thefts has been local non-profits including the Boys & Girls Club among others.

The dilemma is that the activity buses are the method of transportation for children at these summer camps. After missing trips all last year, our Greensboro attorney is saddened to see kids missing out on the opportunity to see things and experience things this summer due to unnecessary thefts. Two of their buses recently had thefts according to a larceny lawyer in Greensboro and those vehicles are currently under repair. Our top rated attorney in Greensboro was advised that if they strike again, they may not have the funds to fix the buses. Those buses are also used for picking up kids and bringing them to summer camp.