Breaking & Entering of House leads to Naked Burglar in Couple’s Bed

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A man faces multiple charges after police found him naked and sleeping in a couple’s bed. Police say that the man broke into the couple’s house, got a sprite out of the fridge, took his clothes off and got into bed…with a couple who he had never met before. We can all imagine the surprise of the couple when they awoke and the man was in their bed, naked, still asleep. Police came out to the scene and called to the man, and still he didn’t awake. The man awoke after Breaking and Entering the house, finally, after the sheets were removed from him. The man is charged with Breaking & Entering. Contact our Greensboro Breaking & Entering Lawyers today if you or someone you know is charged with Breaking & Entering in Greensboro, High Point or Asheboro! 336-379-0539