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Bond Motion Lawyer updates Possible Shooter Case

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Greensboro Bond Motion Lawyer

An 18-year-old was recently arrested for making threats against several Guilford County schools. This of course is just after the terrible events that unfolded at Mt. Tabor. Our Greensboro bond motion lawyer was advised that the judge gave the 18-year-old a $250,000 bond for making those threats.

Our Greensboro criminal lawyer has been advised that he’s charged with posting threats on social media, but after a search of his home, law enforcement didn’t find any guns or weapons. Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro believes this bond to be excessive, though we also understand the landscape we’re currently operating in. Parents want to feel that their children are safe when they go to school.

If this threat had occurred two months ago, our Greensboro lawyer does not believe the bond would be anywhere near as high. However, this will be an interesting bond motion and it will be up to a district court judge to assess all of these things in making the determination.