Blind Tiger Memorial Under Investigation

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The Blind Tiger is an extremely popular music venue for people of all ages. A guitarist for one of the bands who frequents the club, recently passed away in his battle with COVID-19. The Blind Tiger hosted a benefit concert for his family.

The concert had a number of people show up and pictures surfaced online showing a massless crowd according to investigators. The photos were posted to social media have been taken down according to a Greensboro lawyer. The man who passed away left behind his wife and three children. 100% of the proceeds went to support the guitarist’s family. The sad part is this concert is now being investigated as a violation of COVID protocols.

The response has been that they are saying it was a memorial service to get around protocols currently in place. This would be a first reported violation if found by in investigators. This would result in a warning and some direction from the county about social distancing according to an attorney in Greensboro.

The thoughts and prayers from all of the lawyers in Greensboro at our law firm go out to the man who recently lost his life and anyone and everyone who is dealing with the coronavirus.