Expungement for employment opens doors to opportunities.

Benefits of Expungement for Employment

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An expungement of your criminal record in North Carolina is like having a clean slate. It’s no question that a criminal past can affect your employment opportunities.

How Hard is it to Get a Job with a Criminal Record?

Job hunting is challenging, but it can be tricky if you have a criminal record. Even someone well-qualified for the job can miss out on an employment opportunity to another without a criminal record.

The Clean Slate Initiative reveals that nine out of ten employers would perform background checks on potential employees, which includes criminal background checks. Although some employers are willing to hire someone with a criminal record, it depends on the industry and the nature of the job. Other conditions might be a hiring factor for most employers, such as the nature of the crime conviction and the time since the incident (upon the time of hiring). 

Therefore, you should work with a Greensboro expungement lawyer to discuss the benefits of expunging your criminal record and how it could improve your employment opportunities. 

Seeking a job with a criminal record.

Expungement and its Employment Benefits

Will an expungement help you get a job? It’s a question which plagues everyone with a criminal record when seeking a job. The job market is highly competitive, and any advantage (or disadvantage) could significantly impact your chances of landing a job.

If you go through the expungement process, it releases an individual from a criminal charge or conviction on their record. It means that the crime has not occurred at all. When your conviction has been erased, future employers cannot force you to disclose details about your past criminal records. It removes the obligation on the applicant’s part to disclose that information and for it to be used as a hiring factor.

The first benefit of expungement for employment is the absence of employer discrimination. They cannot use your criminal past as a basis for hiring or for other employment opportunities like a job promotion or cause for termination. 

Another benefit of expungement for employment is that it opens doors to opportunities not previously available. As mentioned, some employers hire those previously criminally convicted, but the industries and job responsibilities might be limited (compared to those without a criminal conviction). Therefore, you could seek out more employment opportunities than be limited by what is available to those with a criminal record.

Next, you can seek career advancement and development opportunities with expunged criminal records. You can transition from one job to another without your criminal past hanging over your head. It makes you confident enough to pursue opportunities that enable your career to advance or seek fulfillment. Whereas, if you have a criminal conviction on your record, you are forced to settle for whatever job is available, even if you are not well compensated, or it does not give you chances for personal or professional growth.

The expungement benefits for employment extend beyond merely getting hired for a job. It also benefits you with regard to facilitating personal and career progression. If you want to enjoy these employment benefits, you can consult an expungement attorney who is an expert in the expungement laws and process in North Carolina. It is a complicated legal matter that requires professional and expert guidance.