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Bball Coach Murder Leads to Arrest per Attorney

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A man has now been charged in the death of a local basketball coach who was killed in April of this year. Our attorney in Greensboro was advised that a 41-year old man was taken into custody with the help of the US Marshals. Our bond motion attorney in Greensboro has been advised that he’s currently under no bond.

The shootout was an unusual occurrence that claimed the young coach’s life. Our top rated attorney in Greensboro was advised that he and his brother-in-law attempted to break into a stash house for a local drug organization. The coach was wearing a bullet proof best according to a Greensboro criminal attorney. the dilemma as that the vest wasn’t thick enough to stop the bullets used during the shootout.

His brother-in-law shot and killed a drug runner for the organization and he’s also been charged with murder. Our criminal attorney in Greensboro has been advised that law enforcement seized 1.2 Kilograms of Cocaine, five firearms and somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,000 cash.

This situation left a school and it’s students grieving. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer will continue to keep you updated as this case develops. Stay Safe Greensboro!

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