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Batman robs a Church per Criminal Attorney

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The caped crusader has a reputation of doing so much good for Gotham but apparently when he leaves the city, well he takes on a totally different persona. Only kidding, but according to a criminal attorney a man wearing a stolen batman costume robbed a church.

A Greensboro attorney at our law firm has been advised that the church had surveillance video of the entire incident.

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The man is seen going from room to room gathering computers and other hardware type devices when he comes upon a batman costume.

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The man proceeds to put the batman costume on and then continues to pack things up.

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A pastor at the church advised our Greensboro lawyer that he thinks one of the windows was unlocked and that’s how the burglar got in. The man was later arrested and given a $1000 bond. Our Greensboro criminal lawyers will continue to keep you updated as to the latest developments.