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Back End of Car Comes Off per Lawyer Near Me

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The NC Highway Patrol is reporting it all started when a tractor trailer swerved to avoid another car. A lawyer near me, was advised that the truck driver in avoiding the other car crashed into another car. Our trucking accident lawyer was advised that the wreck tore the entire back end off of the vehicle that the tractor trailer ran into.

Our personal injury lawyer in Greensboro was advised that the fortunately, despite all of this damage, no one was injured in this car accident. Our Greensboro lawyer said the accident wasn’t weather related and the driver was stuck between a rock and hard a place in terms of being hit by one vehicle or swerving and hitting another.

If injuries are the focus, which of course they should be, then it would seem the truck driver made the right decision.

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Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro is thrilled no one was hurt.