Attorney Jessica Culver to Update Chad Garrett’s First Book, NC Legal Essentials – DWI

In Criminal, Traffic by GWAO

Garrett, Walker and Aycoth’s rising star, partner Jessica Culver, will update Chad Garrett’s first book, NC Legal Essentials – Driving While Impaired.  The book, first published the same year as Garrett’s best selling NC Bar Association Publication, “ABCs of Traffic Law,” was used across the state by attorneys, prosecutors and judges as the essential guide to impaired driving law.

Garrett has continued to publish best selling books through the NC Bar Association.  He was the first North Carolina author published by the Bar Association, and received the prestigious “Volunteer of the Year” award for his teaching traffic, DWI, and criminal law to attorneys throughout the state.

Following the best selling “ABCs of Traffic Law,” and the “NC Essentials” book, Garrett co-authored the best selling “ABCs of DWI,” and the February 2015 book, “ABCs of Criminal Law.”

Jessica Culver, a partner in the firm Mr. Garrett founded, has co-authored the November 2014 publication, “ABCs of DWI Update.”  She is an experienced trial attorney, and often works with Mr. Garrett co-chairing or leading the firms most complex impaired driving trials.  Her scholarly work in this field is the natural extension of her trial work.  The NC Essentials update will be a complete re-writing of the original work, surpassing the original information with Ms. Culver’s detailed knowledge DWI law.