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Arsonist lights self on fire per Greensboro Attorney

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Criminal Attorney in Greensboro NC

Firefighters were called to the scene of a fire at an RV Store according to a criminal lawyer in Greensboro NC. When they arrived the office of the business was severely on fire.

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A Greensboro attorney at our law firm then was told that surveillance video from inside of the business showed a suspect wearing dark colored hoodie and pants carrying a gas can. He then used it to light a fire inside of the business according to an attorney in Greensboro NC.

The suspect somehow caught himself on fire, tried to put it out with their feet and then took off running. Our Greensboro NC attorney was told that a vehicle was waiting in the parking lot for the man on fire. It drove off and they were quite fortunate to get out of there when they did or they could have ended up trapped. The arsonist is yet to report to the hospital according to a personal injury attorney in Greensboro NC.