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Are Women More Likely to Die in Car Accident?

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It’s an age old question, are women more likely to die as a result of a car accident? Our car accident lawyer in Greensboro looked at the statistics and was rather surprised to find that 72% of women are more likely to suffer personal injuries as a result of a car crash and 17% more likely to die if they were in the same crash as a male counterpart.

However, based on statistics, 71% of all car accident deaths are men.

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Which is a huge number. But statistics show that men drive far more often the women. Our top rated car accident lawyer also has been advised that men drive more miles, more likely to be charged with reckless driving and receive a seat belt ticket. Our traffic ticket attorney sees firsthand that men are more likely to be involved in high speed cases and as a result their accidents typically involve more serious personal injuries. Also according to our Greensboro DWI lawyer, men are more likely to be charged with impaired driving.

One issue which was recently brought to light is that are women more likely to die in a car accident because vehicles are built more for men than they are for women?

Are the crash test dummies used built around a male or female body?

Our top rated car accident lawyer advises that there’s a lot that goes into this conversation. For starters, men generally drive larger cars and are situated further from the steering column than women because they’re larger people. Female crash test dummies were not introduced until 2003, prior to that every crash test dummy was modeled after a man.

Our traffic ticket lawyer in Greensboro believes this could have an effect on safety numbers when it comes to men versus women in car accidents.