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Apartments and Car hit by Gunfire per Felony Lawyer

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Around 11:50 Sunday night, police were called to the scene of gunfire in Guilford County. Our felony lawyers in Greensboro NC were told that two different apartments were hit by bullets. One of dilemmas law enforcement faces when gunfire hits a building is that they have to then search the building because if someone is injured by a gunshot inside, they may not be in a position to call for help. After a thorough search, no one was found to be injured as a result of the shooting.

The larger the apartment building the more of search that needs to be conducted. Our Greensboro criminal lawyers deal with these situations on a frequent basis and we have had multiple cases where gunfire went through an apartment and then hit someone else. In some situations a gun misfired and accidentally shot someone, and in other cases, a gun was intentionally shot into the apartment.

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