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Airport Brawl leads to Two Arrests

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It all started over what would appear to be nothing according to an assault lawyer in Greensboro North Carolina. An employee was driving his cart when a frustrated passenger refused to let him pass. Our criminal defense lawyer in Greensboro was advised that the man then entered the cart, broke the key and refused to get out of the cart.

The man apparently was complaining about a delayed flight in Spanish. Officers were called to the scene in order to assist the airport employee. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was advised that they tried to restrain the man on the cart when it broke out into a fight or simple affray. The officer grabbed the man and as he tried to arrest him the man charged at the officer swinging his arms. The officer then pulled a gun and pointed it at the man to stop him from coming at him. This is not an assault by pointing a gun situation because the officer was in his right to do so.

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Firefighters were then called to the scene for medical treatment as it broke out into a full on brawl. The man bit one of the officers on the head. This was during an extremely busy day at the airport and people were everywhere. This is also in the midst of omicron becoming more widespread and stress levels being at an all time for Americans and our world. Our top rated criminal lawyer in Greensboro NC was adivsed that two men were arrested and charged criminally for this incident. Because it happened at an airport, they also face the prospect of federal prosecution and a fine of up to $37,000.

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This is in the midst of the travel industry experiencing it’s busiest season since the coronavirus first began. Cruise lines and airlines have experienced a lot of hardship since the start of the pandemic, and our Greensboro criminal defense lawyer hopes for their sake things will get back to normal very soon.

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