Aggravated Level One DWI Sentencing in Greensboro

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An Aggravated Level One punishment potentially carries a greater active sentence than a Habitual Driving While Impaired sentence. The judicial system is just coming to terms with the nuances of the complex statute; we are finally getting answers about how the punishments authorized are applied in the real world.

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Defendants sentenced as a Level A1 offender are not eligible for parole. “Good time” credit, available for other levels of impaired driving sentencing, is not applied to A1 sentences.

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Good time credit is rewarded at the rate of one day per every day of good behavior, effectively capable of cutting a sentence in half, so this is a significant difference that must be communicated to clients and defendants.

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Instead of parole, they are released four months early, in line with the new structured sentencing guidelines for felonies.

An A-1 sentence can receive credit for inpatient treatment (available for any DWI under N.C.G.S. 20-179(k)). Also, as with any level DWI, the time may be served on weekends (N.C.G.S. 20-179(s).

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