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8 Dead in Spa Killings per Lawyer

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Law enforcement was able to make an arrest after tracking down a suspect who is alleged to have committed shootings at three separate massage parlors. Our Greensboro lawyer was advised that eight people have been killed, and 6 of the 8 people were Asian women.

Our Greensboro criminal lawyer has been told that 4 people were killed at the first massage parlor around 5 PM. Law enforcement arrived on scene and found that 5 people were shot. Two sadly died at the scene, and three victims were taken to the hospital according to a Greensboro personal injury lawyer.

Shortly thereafter, as police were investigating the first shooting, there were two more shootings at two Asian massage parlors located across the street from each other. Three were killed in the first parlor, and one more was killed at the last parlor.

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Law enforcement received calls around 5:45 PM and then 5:57 PM for the last parlor. Our Greensboro attorney was told that law enforcement released images of the man believed to the shooter as 21 year old, Robert Aaron Long.

Police ended up tracking his vehicle 150 miles south of the last two shootings.

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Our Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer advises that they used a pit maneuver to stop his car. Police have advised that surveillance video captured Mr. Long on camera, though they are still seeking to find a motive.

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Nothing was stolen, but current thoughts are that perhaps this was some sort of hate crime against Asian Americans. Asian Americans have been under attack since the very beginning of the coronavirus and our Greensboro family law attorney sends out thoughts and prayers to the family of those who were killed and injured as a result of these shootings.