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7-Vehicle Accident Injures 3 Per Attorney

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Car Accident Attorney

At 11:45 AM on Sunday there was a 7-vehicle collision on Interstate 40. Traveling on the highway has it’s own set of perils, but one car failed to reduce it’s speed to avoid an accident and then ran into another car. This set of a chain-reaction of car accidents. Our car accident attorney in Greensboro reports that this shut down the interstate for quite some time.

EMT’s, firetrucks, and law enforcement were all called to the scene of this horrible car accident. Our personal injury lawyer was told three people were injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Their condition at this point in time however, is still an unknown.

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Our criminal lawyer was told they are still looking into the exact cause of this car wreck. Our family lawyer sends up her thoughts and prayers for all who were involved, those injured and those just involved in the wreck as the entire situation can be quite traumatizing. Stay safe Greensboro!