Greensboro Car Crash Lawyer Breaks Down Fatal Wreck

Greensboro Car Crash Leaves Cafe Torn Apart

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A terrifying Greensboro Car Crash in March of this year left five people hurt.  However, the crash didn’t happen on the highway or at a crammed intersection—it happened inside a bakery.

On March 22nd patrons of a cafe in Greensboro were in line waiting for their favorite beverages when a Sport Utility Vehicle smashed through the wall, burying itself completely inside the cafe. In the wildness that ensued, rescuers reached in and got 5 victims from the rubble, all of them are expected to survive say their Greensboro Car Accident Lawyers.

Greensboro car accident investigators with the local police department put together details of the crash from physical evidence as well as witness testimony. It is believed that the driver of the SUV (an unlicensed younger driver) lost control of the vehicle after swerving to miss a minor auto crash in the street ahead.

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