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300+ Guns Surrendered per Lawyers in Greensboro

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In an effort to curb gun violence locally, law enforcement conducted a gun buy-back event. Our lawyers in Greensboro were advised that the city was offering $200 for assault rifles, $150 for handguns, and $100 for long guns such as shotguns and rifles.

It was a drive-thru event that last four hours with law enforcement purchasing every firearm they could according to a criminal defense lawyer in Greensboro. The event was a huge success as 133 cars drove through and donated 252 handguns, 108 long guns, and 7 assault rifles. The city was only allocated $5,000 for the event, and when our Greensboro lawyer does the math, it seems they got a lot more guns than they had money for.

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Many were anonymously donating guns without giving any information as to the reason why. Our Greensboro lawyer was told they were hoping to reduce violence and shootings in Greensboro. Others said didn’t want to become victims of crimes and some said they needed some extra money for the holidays to purchase Christmas gifts. Our attorneys in Greensboro were surprised at the number of firearms donated and hope it’s a sign of things to come.

With the sheer volume of shootings in our city it’s the hope of all parties to reduce crime and the ability to commit crimes and be the victims of them. The issue our best lawyer in Greensboro is seeing is that typically those involved with a criminal element do not donate or sell back their firearms. We have seen more firearm by felon and assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury cases than we have in our entire legal careers.

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We handle bond motions for these cases on a frequent basis, most specially cases involving firearm holds. These are cases where the person has either had a crime of violence in the past five years. been on probation for a firearm or related charged in the past five years and then receives yet another firearm charge. Our criminal defense lawyers in Greensboro focus on these cases and do everything we can to help our clients receive a fair shake despite the level and the severity of their criminal charges.

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