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3-Vehicle Car Accident Injures 6-Year-Old

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Greensboro Car Accident Lawyer

Just before 8 AM, law enforcement was called to the scene of a 3-vehicle car accident according to a Greensboro car accident lawyer. Upon arrival, they found that all 3 vehicles were headed east when a car failed to slow down and crashed into the back of another car. The car that was run into had a 6-year-old inside of the car who was not in a car seat per law enforcement.

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That vehicle was knocked forward and it then ran into another car creating yet another car accident.

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Our Greensboro attorney was advised that all of the drivers were taken to local hospitals for their personal injuries. Sadly, the 6-year-old is the only one to suffer life-threatening injuries.

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Our Greensboro family lawyer will continue to keep you updated as to his status. The thoughts and prayers of all of our lawyers in Greensboro go out to this young child and his family during this difficult time.