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3 Brothers Killed per Greensboro Attorney

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Any murder is a terrible thing, but when three brothers are killed within a week of each other, that’s a lot for a family to deal with. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was advised that the first brother was shot and killed on February 13. He was found with multiple gunshot wounds and pronounced dead at the scene per a Greensboro wrongful death lawyer.

Our Greensboro attorney was advised that on February 20, two of the brothers were killed. They were apparently leaving a nearby McDonald’s when three people with guns opened fire from behind nearby trees. Both brothers were shot and left to die as the other vehicle drove off according to a Greensboro personal injury lawyer.

Our Greensboro family law attorney was advised that the family is having an extremely difficult time dealing with all of this. The mother of the three men has been hospitalized since and the father is having a difficult time as well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family is they deal with the unimaginable.