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29 Hostages found in their Underwear

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Over a dozen people were found being held hostage only in their underwear. They were all very fortunate that one of the victims managed to escape and then ran down the street yelling for help with barely any clothes on. A Greensboro lawyer at our law firm was told that they responded to the scene around 9 PM.

An attorney in Greensboro was told that the person then led police to the house where everyone was held. 29 people and possibly minor children were located. No one was injured and police believe it was a human smuggling operation according to a personal injury attorney. All of the people were from different Latin American countries.

The victims say they were promised a job and that’s why they made the trip. Unfortunately, when they got here not only were they duped, but they were held against their will. A family law attorney at our law firm was told that three people were detained at the scene, and it’s unknown as to whether they will be facing charges.

Neighbors said three men had moved into the rental property several months ago. They were friendly and didn’t seem to have anything unusual going on with them.