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2 Greensboro Men Arrested in Miami Beach

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Two Greensboro men are in custody in Miami Beach after some extremely serious accusations. A top rated lawyer in Greensboro at our law firm was advised that the men are alleged to have drugged and raped a woman, who later died in her hotel room. After the incident, the men are then alleged to have stolen who credit cards and spent money on those cards over the course of their spring break trip.

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Our Greensboro attorney reports that a cause of death is yet to be identified for the woman. Miami Beach has seen a slew of Spring Breakers and has established a curfew as a result which has led to national news, as Spring Breakers have practically rioted against the ordinances that were put in place.

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Our Greensboro criminal attorney reports that there have been over 1,000 arrests in the past week and over half of those arrests have been of people who live outside of the state.

Our Greensboro family lawyer sends out their thoughts and prayers to the family of the woman who lost their life. Stay safe Greensboro!