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19 Year Old Killed on Icy Road per Attorney

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Greensboro Attorney

A 19-year-old North Carolina man lost his life in a car accident. At or around 7:30 AM, there was an initial car accident involving a pickup truck where it slid off the road.

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Fortunately, for the man driving the truck he was not injured per a Greensboro attorney.

As troopers were responding to that crash there was another wreck, which according to a personal injury lawyer, there also wasn’t any injuries. However, A man driving southbound wrecked and he later died according to a wrongful death lawyer.

These crashes then led to six more car accidents.

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Our car accident lawyer was advised that one of those accidents involved a UPS truck. Fortunately, for all of those car accidents no serious personal injuries were reported.

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Our lawyers in Greensboro want you to stay safe as you travel.