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14-Year-Old Charged with Attempted Murder of Police Officer

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Attempted Murder Lawyer Greensboro NC

It all started as most cases this time of year with a young teenager breaking into cars in a local neighborhood. Our lawyers in Greensboro NC were told that a witness saw him and they claim the teenager pulled a gun out and pointed it at them. That witness then called the police for the assault by pointing a gun according to a Greensboro criminal lawyer.

Officers responded to the apartment complex with reference to assault and breaking and entering a motor vehicle situations. They found the young man and he took off running. As he was running and officers were on his trail, he is alleged to have opened fire on the police. He fired multiple shots and one of the officers was hit in the shooting. Our Greensboro assault lawyer was told that the officers then returned fire and the young man eventually surrendered.

Our top rated criminal lawyers in Greensboro, NC, were told that the teenager was not injured as a result of the shooting. Since the suspect wasn’t shot there will not be an internal invesitgation conduct by the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). This will be handled by local law enforcement and it would appear that body worn camera should show what took place. The teen has been charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and robbery.

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