Should I Pay My Greensboro Traffic Ticket Online?

In Criminal, Personal Injury, Traffic by GWAO

North Carolina allows most waivable citations to be paid online using the website, By paying these tickets, the individual is, of course, pleading guilty, and accepting the consequences thereof. However, for many people, the ability to pay by credit card and avoid a trip to the courthouse is a valuable new asset. As of August 2014, over half a million tickets had been paid utilizing this website, collecting over one hundred and thirteen million dollars in revenue.

Waivable tickets issued after December 1, 2005, may be paid online. Citations with a Failure to Appear (FTA) status may be paid, including the $200 FTA fee. A one dollar fee, and an additional 2.25% of the total court costs and fines is charged for this service at the time of the transaction.

The top rated traffic lawyers at Garrett, Walker and Aycoth suggest you contact an attorney before paying off any tickets.  It can have adverse affects on your license and insurance.