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10 People Shot at Beach, 2 Killed per Lawyer

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In a rather sad development, spring break took a turn for the worse as 10 people were shot in separate shootings at the coast according to a Greensboro lawyer. The first calls with reference to a shooting were just after 10:20 PM. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was advised that during the first shooting multiple people were shooting at each other. Three men were arrested in reference to the shooting, they were 18, 20 & 22 years old. They were charged with seven counts of felony assault, use of a firearm to commit a felony, and other firearm related charges.

The initial shooting was due to some type of argument that turned into a physical fight which led to the shooting. Police were then called to the scene of another shooting where a woman was shot. Police showed up on scene and found what they allege was an armed man who police shot and killed. Our Greensboro wrongful death lawyer has been advised that a firearm was found near the man, but that the officer did not have his body worn camera turned on during the incident.

Our Greensboro personal injury lawyer was told that a police officer was hit by a car during the midst of all of these shootings. He was hospitalized and our top rated lawyers in Greensboro are yet to receive an update as to his status. There were then two more shootings at multiple places along the coast and police had to release a bulletin requesting people to steer clear of 5 full blocks near the ocean.

Law enforcement has advised that several people were shot during these incidents and they also made several arrest. Our Greensboro felony lawyer says there have been a lot of felony charges taken out and multiple people are in custody with extremely high bonds.

Our Greensboro family law attorney sends out their thoughts and prayers for all of those who were involved in these incidents. Stay safe Greensboro!